Issa Ghandour and The Madina Band.

Issa Ghandour’s interest in music was inspired by his father, the late Hassan Ghandour, a well-known Arabic-music composer/singer, who rubbed shoulders with Mohammad Abdulwahab and Faiza Ahmad among others. Issa undertook studies of Arabic music history and theory which led him to discover the Andalusian and classical Arabic music. He studied the violin and the oud at the National Conservatory.

Issa dabbled with theatre and music while in College he recorded his first album, “Shagar el Yasmine” which contained first hit on the pop charts: “Oyoun El Soud”. After his CD “Is’alouh” Issa turned to TV, acting in television series with Hussein Fehmi, Ma'ali Zayed and Sawsan Bader among others. His latest CD is DARWISH.  A CD with 10 of the most memorable songs of Sayyed Darwish that he recorded with The Madina Band in Beirut.

The Madina Band is perhaps better known by its individual members: Ziyad Sahhab (Oud), Ghassan Sahhab (Kanoun), Bashar Farran (Bass), Ahmad Khatib (percussions), and Ahmad Chebo (Violin). Playing incessantly all over Lebanon and abroad, the Madina Band developed its very own distinct sound. Their knowledge of Sayyed Darwish’s repertoire and the ease with which they play it allows them to have fun with the songs and retain a certain informal attitude in playing.


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