Ziad El Ahmadie is a Lebanese composer, Oud player, and singer, living in Beirut. He studied the oud at the National Lebanese Conservatory, while pursuing an undergraduate degree in communication arts at the Lebanese American University.

While Ziad’s interest in music stems from traditional Arabic music, he constantly fuses sounds from various influences and creates wide-ranging harmonies in his musical creations.

In 2003 he recorded his first album “Bilbal”, he recorded his second album “Beyond Traditions” in 2006, and released his third album “Silent Wave” in 2009.

Ziad has won many awards in musical composition among which the “Zaki Nassif” Award in Beirut in 2013, and the “Roland Mediterranean Festival competition”, in Palermo-Italy In 1999.

As a Oud soloist, he collaborated with several composers, such as Gene Coleman in 2007, with whom he toured the US’s East Coast playing in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, and with Robert Clerc in 2006 and 2007 with whom he performed “A l’Ombre du Grand Arbre”, along a Symphonic Orchestra, in Geneva and Paris.

As a composer, he composes music for television, cinema, and the theatre. Among his most recent achievements are the compositions and arrangements for the long-standing cabaret show “Hishik Bishik” that played from 2013 through 2015, and “Cabaret Farouk”, showcased in the Beiteddine Festival in 2015.

Ziad is regularly invited to perform at numerous concerts

and festivals in the Middle East and in Europe.

.  American University of Sharjah (2010).

. Beirut-Gent,  Belgium in November (2009).

. Concert in Geneva  November (2009).

. OperAdon at Forum Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland (2008).

. Jordan Festival  July (2009).

. A Tribute to Mahmoud Darwish in Beiteddine, Leb. (2008).

. Solo Concert at Jam Center in Geneva (2008).

. Slam et Klam Festival in Fes, Morocco (2008).

. Ziad El Ahmadie and Band Concert , Beirut (2007).

. The 7th Int'l Oud Festival in Tetouan, Morocco (2005).

. The Global Village Festival , Jordan (2004).

. The  Inst't of the Mediterranean , Barcelona,  (2003)


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