Lethal Skillz

Karmageddon is the second Arabic HipHop Album produced by DJ Lethal Skillz featuring 29 of the most active conscious rappers from 20 countries spreading a wake up call and bridging cultures through Soulful, Funky, Raw beats a Microphone & 2 Turntables

The Arab of Lebanese Origin, DJ Lethal Skillz, one of the few DJ’s that can set a club on fire just by placing him behind the decks, is also a well known producer and a music tutor. His ambitions do not stop at playing in a club or event, but have exceeded to producing albums and videos all over the world.
After his first album release New World Disorder, the second album KarmaGeddon is set to be released in Feb 2012 with the some of the best beats produced by the Lebanese phenomenon and featuring most of the International conscious
active Arab rappers from East and West.

Through the course of the journey of Lethal Skillz in Hiphop and music, LS has non-argumentavily came of age with a significant and consistent list of versatile collaborations and performances, LS came full circle, opening up for the likes of Pharoahe Monch and M-1 of Dead Prez, De La Soul also played with the likes of Dj Q-bert, Rob Swift, Dj Akakabe and Co-ma World DMC Champions to Timbaland, 50 cents, Whokid, Big Ali, Missy Eliot, Sean Paul, Pitbull, Massari, MIMS, Coolio to mention a few....

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Song Title Track Length Track Preview Price
1 Karmageddon (Feat. Johnny Madness) 1:36 $0.90
2 Beirut City (feat. Hanouneh, El Edd, MC Moe) 3:59 $0.90
3 The Messenger (Feat. Omar Offendum) 3:31 $0.90
4 Unity (Feat. Ramcess L'Hamorabi) 2:16 $0.90
5 Operation Lost Art (Feat. Sphinx, E-Money, Rush) 3:56 $0.90
6 Language of Peace (Feat. Shadia Mansour) 4:13 $0.90
7 Industry Rulz (Feat. Vandal) 3:19 $0.90
8 Lookin Out (Feat. Ghost, Deen, Stormtrap, Rush, Bellywize) 3:50 $0.90
9 My Nation (Feat. Boikutt) 2:46 $0.90
10 Fight the War (Feat. The Narcicyst) 2:32 $0.90
11 Click Clack (Feat. MC Amin) 3:07 $0.90
12 Resistant Culture (Feat. El Edd, Zeinedin, Ramcess L'Hamorabi) 4:24 $0.90
13 My Definition of Living (Feat. Qusai (A.K.A. The Don Legend)) 3:51 $0.90
14 Party in the Ghetto (Feat. Big A) 3:58 $0.90
15 The Guardians (Feat. W.M.D) 3:17 $0.90
16 Civil Disobedience (Feat. Ramcess L'Hamorabi) 3:31 $0.90
17 Thoughts from the East River (Feat. El Far3i) 2:55 $0.90

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