Syrian-Armenian musical trailblazer Lena Chamamyan is considered one of the best singers of her generation. A spirit of oriental jazz runs through her music – a fusion of traditional eastern songs from the Arab world and Armenia with western styles.

Her enchanting voice is at the core of Lena’s new collection of songs, Hannah and Blossoms, written while living in exile in Paris. Drawn from her experience as a woman and as Syrian, her new material carries a message of life, hope and peace. It is an invitation to discover the natural and mutual harmony between the human voice and acoustic instruments.


Named one of the 500 Most Influential People in the Arab World by Arabian Business magazine in 2010, Lena is one of the few eastern women who write, produce, and play music, as well as sing. Throughout her career Lena has lent her voice to a number of TV serials and dramatic works in Syria and abroad, and participated in a large number of prestigious Arab and international musical festivals.

Lena was born and educated in Damascus. She finished her elementary and secondary education while pursuing a musical carrier that started with her first concert at the age of five. Lena graduated from the economics management department at the Damascus University in 2002, while studying at the higher institute of music from which she graduated as a classical vocalist in 2007.

Throughout her university education, she joined many classical music and Jazz workshops with Gloria Skalki (Italy), Karmen Filarna (Italy), Mia bits (Netherlands), and with German Accordionist (Manfred leuschter ). Lena and Manfred eventually featured on each others albums and appeared together in several concerts in Syria and in Germany.


Après les albums Asmar Ellon et Shamat, Lena a donné de nombreux concerts à travers le monde et a eu la chance de rencontrer des musiciens et un public diversifié. En 2011, secouée par la souffrance du peuple dans son pays, la Syrie, et le monde arabe, elle a développé un nouvel espace musical, qui transpose ces sentiments d'affliction, et à travers lequel Lena partage une énergie nouvelle et positive. Ce projet est le reflet des dernières années d'expérience de Lena, fondé sur un esprit jazz oriental.


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