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Aala Mahli I am walking through the clouds looking for you, as I was told that you might be here. Not knowing where to go, I ask my heart to be my guide, and so it jumps out of my chest to lead the way… I eagerly follow and suddenly, from behind a cloud, I see a heart leading the way of somebody else… It’s you my love, it is you.

Ya Sadiqi “My friend, the time has come for you to remember who you truly are… Here’s a blank page, write on it the story that calls your name.” And off he goes on the adventure of a lifetime, seeing within and all around the reflections of his true self. What he thought was a solitary journey turns out to be a grand march towards fulfillment, as he finds himself among hundreds, thousands, and then millions of people, coming together to chant: “We are the makers of Life, the bridgers of dreams.”

La valse des bisous Some of them are gently laid with love, others are given then forever forgotten. Some are there just to be seen, others are exchanged in dark and shady alleys. Some come and go as they please, others would do anything just to stay where they are. Kisses come in many forms and they can dance to a million rhythm, but you my love, when you kiss me, my oh my…. Oh my.


Shou fi taht el sou’al He is not saying what’s on his mind, but I know something isn’t right. I can easily see through his ways, and as I ask him again and again, I am torn between calm and madness… But then, I demand the truth, with the anger and rage if that’s what it takes… with the promise that after the storm, we will be back to all the tenderness we’ve both been longing for.

Bani Boumeh Naggers get on my nerves… always have, and always will. In this song, I let it all out. I imagine myself getting rid of all the naggers and pesters that surround me, putting them on a boat and banishing them to the remote “Island of Naggers” where they can live miserably ever after.

Moj “Moj” means waves in Arabic. The song is an Ode to the glorious shores of Tyr, where the sea comes to greet those who are forever seeking… looking for things they never lost. It was born from the whispers of waves breaking against the rocks.

Bent el Kel I am the daughter of the Wind and, like the Wind; I disappear when the time is right. I am the daughter of the Sun, I was born from the light, and I too have been known to set. I am the daughter of the Waves, and like the waves I am calm and I am fierce. I am the daughter of Earth and like Her; I stand strong throughout time so I can keep on giving. I am the daughter of Ether, unseen and omnipresent, weaving all into one. This is also my homage to the Divine Feminine that has laid dormant for ages and is now awakening, carrying us all into an age of Truth and Resonant Joy.

Allah wel amar As I listen to the falling rain, I thank the Creator for the peace it brings me. I hear the rain calling me as it knocks at my window. I look outside and see the trees dancing and swaying, asking me to look up at the moon in all her glory. And then I ask her: Where do you go when you disappear? Who are the ones you call your friends? When we feel you so strongly, is it because you’re swirling inside us? Do you sometimes look back at us? What do you see? And the moon replies: “I do see you…and what I see is myself in you.”


Music and lyrics  by Frida - Music arranged and produced by Ghazi Abdel Baki - Fouad Afra: Drums on Bint El Kol, Moj, and Allah Wal Amar - Ghazi Abdel Baki: Drums on Bani Boomeh, Ala Mahli, and Ya Sadiqi - Elie Chemali: Bass on Allah Wal Amar, Moj, and Bint El Kol - Charbel Hajj: Bass on Ya Sadiqi - Ruedi Felder: Bass on Ala Mahli and Bani Boomeh - Ghazi Abdel Baki: Bass on Shou Fi Taht El Sou'al - Elie Margi: Guitars on Shou Fi Taht El Sou'al, Bani Boomeh, and Bint El Kol - Ghazi Abdel Baki: Guitars on Shou Fi Taht El Sou'al, Bani Boomeh, Moj, Bint El Kol, Allah Wal Amar, Ala Mahli, Ya Sadiqi, and La Valse Des Bisous - Patrik Abi Abdallah: Percussions on La Valse Des Bisous - Ghazi Abdel Baki: Percussions on Bint El Kol, Ya Sadiqi, and Shou Fi Taht El Sou'al - Tom Hornig: Soprano and Tenor Saxophones on Bani Boomeh - Frida: Main vocals on all tracks, backing vocals on: Shou Fi Taht El Sou'al, Bint El Kol, Ya Sadiqi, Allah Wal Amar - May Arida Werren, Corinne Boulad, Stéphanie Marcha: Backing Vocals on: Ya Sadiqi - Ghazi Abdel Baki: Rhodes Electric Piano, Strings and Horns Arrangement on all tracks.